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this mechanic is so fun, I'd love to see it expanded!

Wow!  I finally figured it out.  I had missed putting the 2nd piece on the left up so that I could access the higher one on the left later.  

I am really stumped on this puzzle.  I'm also stumped on how a rubber duck might help me.  What is that one trick? 

I think Stralor was referring to rubber duck debugging.
This puzzle has me incredibly stumped :)

😅 yes. All it took was telling someone I was stuck to find the solution.

Where are you? Where do you want the blocks to end up, and where should your character be for that? How can you move the pieces farther?

This one is really getting me. Haven't solved it yet! What am I missing...

All it took was a rubber 🦆, then I saw the one trick I was missing!

neat :)