Sokoban with only one box

Made in PuzzleScript


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Great game and great levels but maybe consider changing the different looks for different mechanics? The color alone is kinda confusing

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I tried a bunch of color schemes but with my lack of art know-how plus the 24 color and 5x5 sprite limits of PuzzleScript this was the best I could do. I know its bad but fixing it was just not an option
EDIT: Apparently you can use hex-codes instead which probably would have helped but its a bit late for that

I think the use of different shapes and textures would help to differentiate the mechanics. Give textures to crates and walls. Make buttons and gates having different shapes.

Also, green and red are rather meaningless.  You can make the button's color matches the corresponding object's color with sightly different shades. You have lighter and darker shade for most colors.


Good Job, This is actually kinda challenging, And that's not cause I'm dumb